Productive two-way relationships

Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Self Storage is one of the largest self-storage operators in the Australasia, with over 95 locations in Australia and New Zealand. They are a well recognised and trusted brand founded upon quality, value, convenience and innovation.

Central to their success is strategic financial management with a focus on cost controls to support business growth.

The Challenge

Kennards Self Storage fosters healthy relationships with multiple prominent Australian banks. On account of their funding requirement, Kennards Self Storage have facilities spread across several financiers.

Despite natural competition and long-term customer-bank relationships, Kennards Self Storage wanted to get an understanding of whether they were being charged a fair and reasonable price.

  • Deviation between market conditions and pricing expectation
  • Determining what are competitive margins, given improved conditions
  • How to articulate market knowledge for optimal negotiated outcomes

Kennards Self Storage meets BankEdge

Kennards Self Storage attended a presentation by BankEdge explaining how bank margins are derived. Kennards Self Storage were curious to know if their current facility margins were fair and reasonable. As their facilities became due for renewal, they engaged BankEdge to apply its proprietary algorithms and data modelling techniques to its specific situation.

The Process






Risk estimated using Moody’s RiskCalc+

Current facility margins reviewed

Evaluated against current market to generate ‘fair rate’

Margin drivers shown and explained

Strategy and content for bank negotiation developed

The Outcome

The BankEdge platform calculated a fair margin that was different to what was being proposed. Armed with tangible information and a solid grasp on key market drivers, Kennards Self Storage were well prepared for their bank pricing discussions.

Kennards Self Storage were able to articulate a strong case for margin improvements using terms and concepts the bankers were surprised to hear from a customer and which they struggled to refute. After some back and forth the banks agreed with margins aligned or close to the fair margin. Kennards Self Storage maintained their two-way relationship without resorting to disruptive refinancing.

Kennards Self Storage delivered value to their stakeholders with proactive and strategic bank facility management. With BankEdge, they were able to gain actionable insights into bank pricing mechanisms that significantly assisted negotiations. This provided cost savings as well as strategic learnings for the business.

Kennards Self Storage brought transparency to their bank relationship with real data and facts.

Leverage actionable insights for balanced negotiations.

Brought transparency and fairness to their bank negotiations
Maintained their stong bank relationship
Delivered value to their stakeholders with proactive facility management

As CFO, I foster a healthy, supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with each bank. Over the past 18 months I have used BankEdge to reduce our funding costs to a fair and competitive level.

I now approach negotiations with my bankers with new confidence, grounded in real data and facts.

Anthony RousCFO, Kennards Self Storage

Approach negotiations with confidence grounded in facts

Kennards Self Storage leveraged our actionable insights to bring transparency to their banking relationships. Use market data and financial modelling to know the market and how it impacts your margin.

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